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Maintaining a balance between dry and humid air within your home can be difficult. Here in Michigan, the air within our home's can become quite dry as we run our furnaces to keep us warm through winter, while our insulation locks it in and keeps outside air from entering. While we need our furnaces throughout the frigid winters, finding that aforementioned balance between dry and humid air can be hard to maintain. However, by installing a humidifier within your Michigan home to combat such dry air, you can ensure comfort all winter long.

At Applegate Home Comfort, we carry both humidifiers and dehumidifiers by Aprilaire®, each of which is plenty capable of ensuring your home is comfortable at all times. While a dehumidifier is often necessary to combat Michigan's humid and rain-filled summers, a humidifier is often just as necessary through the winter months. To help you determine if a humidifier is right for your home, read on to learn more about the effects of dry air.

Effects of Dry Air within the Home

In explaining the need for a balance between dry and humid air in your home, it can become a bit convoluted, as you can have either an overly dry or humid home. In the winter months, home's often become dried out from the furnace heating the air, while the summer months can present uncomfortably humid air. In regards to dry air, however, the effects of such can be quite uncomfortable, and unhealthy.

In essence, there's a proper amount of humidity to maintain within the home. Otherwise, the resulting dry air in winter time can present a range of issues. See a few common results of dry air below:

  • Low humidity increases the risk of cold and flu viruses, as well as other respiratory illnesses, as these viruses thrive in dry conditions. Plus, low humidity can trigger asthma and allergies.
  • Dry air is rough on your home and furniture. Walls, wood, and floors can all crack with low humidity levels.
  • Of course, dry air in the home can also affect heating costs, as low humidity can make you feel colder, which then causes you to crank the furnace up.

Aside from the above-mentioned effects of low humidity, it can also cause general discomfort, such as dry and itchy eyes, a sore throat, and dry skin. To combat all these effects of dry air, a whole-home humidifier is a viable option.

Aprilaire® Humidifiers from Applegate

As mentioned, we offer humidifiers to Michigan residents from Aprilaire®. Their whole-home humidifiers are capable of maintaining proper humidity levels within the home to keep you comfortable and healthy, while keeping energy costs low. The whole-home humidifiers are installed to within your existing heating and cooling system to provide comfort throughout each area of the home. Additionally, the humidifiers from Aprilaire® emit humidity through water vapor, preventing airborne minerals from circulating your home and entering your lungs.

In short, if you're experiencing discomfort in your Michigan home as a result of dry air, have a whole-home humidifier installed is recommended. In doing so, you'll prevent dry air and the aforementioned effects of such to ultimately ensure optimal home comfort.

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