Dehumidifiers: Controlling Humidity in Your Home

When it comes to maintaining optimal comfort levels within your Michigan home, one factor that can prevent such is high humidity. Excessive humidity in the home can lead to numerous issues in regards to both your home and your health. However, low humidity can present similar effects, so finding a balance between low and high humidity levels is key. While a humidifier is sometimes necessary in combatting dry air throughout the winter months, a dehumidifier is often more appropriate for Michigan homeowners, as the midwest is known for high amounts of humidity.

Dry air aside, high humidity levels within your Michigan home can be quite troublesome. Fortunately, by simply having a dehumidifier installed, you can combat the effects of such and ensure optimal home comfort at all times. Now, take a moment to learn more on the effects of humidity and how a dehumidifier can resolve such issues.

Problems Associated with High Humidity

The most noticeable effect of a humid home is the discomfort presented, however, the effects of high levels of humidity extend beyond general discomfort. Not only does it affect your comfort, it can and often will affect your home, as well as your health. Check out the list of problems below to get an idea of how serious humidity can be:

  • Humidity invites pests and insects into your home, as they tend to thrive in more damp conditions.
  • Any wood items within the home, whether it be furniture or the floors, can begin to warp and rot from the moisture. The rotting wood then becomes a breeding ground for pests like termites.
  • Mold spores will begin to spread, which can directly affect the health of everyone within the home.
  • Dust mites also thrive in damp conditions, which can aggravate asthma and allergies.
  • Energy costs will rise, as humidity can make the home feel cooler in the winter, which necessitates turning the furnace on more often.

As you can see, high levels of humidity can present threats to your home and health. Plus, both showering and cooking, among other factors, will continue to contribute to the overall humidity in your Michigan home. Needless to say, a dehumidifier is often necessary to combat all these effects.

Aprilaire® Dehumidifiers from Applegate

In order to prevent excess humidity and the effects of such in your Michigan home, a dehumidifier is a great solution. Applegate Home Comfort offers dehumidifiers from Aprilaire®, which are highly capable of maintaining proper humidity levels. With Aprilaire® products, the dehumidifier is installed directly to your home's existing heating and cooling system, which allows proper humidity to be distributed throughout the entire home.

Of course, optimal comfort levels in the home aren't the only advantage of installing a dehumidifier, especially those from Aprilaire. See additional benefits in the list below:

Automatic humidity sensor to better control levels, even when you're not at home.
Quiet operation, as the system is installed away from your living area with your heating and cooling appliances.
Low maintenance, mostly requiring an annual filter replacement.
Clean air, as the dehumidifier combats airborne air particles.

Ensure Optimal Comfort Today

As you can see, a dehumidifier can not only help you maintain proper levels of humidity, but it can also prevent the effects of such on your home, as well as your health. Given the typical humidity of the midwest, a dehumidifier is often recommended for most Michigan homes. If you're interested in having one installed, contact Applegate Home Comfort today. You can give us a call at 517-337-7700.

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