Heating and Cooling in Greater Lansing

Michigan residents are no strangers to the intense weather conditions throughout the year. The area can experience sub zero temperatures as well as hot and humid summers. Without the proper heating and cooling in your home, the conditions can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. It is important to have your HVAC units maintained so they work effectively.

Applegate Home Comfort provides expert maintenance services for HVAC units throughout Michigan. We are focused on providing people with the best solutions to keep their homes comfortable while saving on energy costs. With regular maintenance, you can save a lot of money on heating and cooling costs. Here is a look at our services and why you should choose Applegate Home Comfort for maintenance.

Heating Services

Our heating services are incredibly popular throughout Michigan. The winters are harsh with the Michigan climate, so residents are often looking to keep their home warm during that time of year. With our services, you can make sure that your heating is working properly.

While you may not be using your heating all year, there are a number of issues that can occur even when your unit is not in use. Throughout the year, it collects dust and the unit can get clogged. We offer home inspections to make sure everything is working fine when winter comes around.

Cooling Services

Cooling is important for the humid summers. A cooling unit should be adjusting the temperature and humidity in your home to provide the best comfort for you and your family. We recommend having a checkup every spring when the weather begins to warm up. This maintenance will keep your unit running efficiently and extend its life.

No matter the type of cooling solution you have, we will be able to properly maintain your unit. We can also provide energy efficient solutions. Lowering your energy bill will keep cooling costs low during the summer. Greater Lansing residents love our services because they are great for your pocket.

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HVAC Services for Heating and Cooling

As we have mentioned, Applegate Home Comfort is focused on providing homeowners with solutions that will greatly improve their home's heating and cooling. In order to do that, we offer a wide variety of services that can get the job done. However, we don't just get the job done. We provide solutions for your heating and cooling that can save you money on your energy bill and extend the lifespan of your HVAC units.

We recognize that money is always a huge concern for families and our services are here to address that. With the jobs that we perform, we give your home a solution that can work more efficiently and reduce the amount you spend on your energy bill. The Michigan weather can vary throughout the year. We want to make sure that your HVAC units are ready to face the coldest and hottest months. Here is a quick look at some of the services we provide to homeowners in the greater Lansing area.

Furnace Heating Repair in Greater Lansing

As we mentioned, we know the role cost plays in many homeowners decisions. Because of the cost of repairing a furnace, many homeowners attempt to handle the repairs themselves. Unfortunately, we've gotten many calls to come in and fix any mistakes made along the way. In the worst cases, those mistakes have lead to more costly replacement jobs. If you call Applegate Home Comfort, you'll get top quality repairs that can make sure your furnace is ready to face the winter.

Through Applegate, your home has access to the most trustworthy contractors who aim to provide you with the solutions you are looking for. When you give us a call, we will arrive at your home, pinpoint the issue with your furnace, and make sure it is fixed. Be aware that the average cost of replacing a furnace is $1006 while repairs usually average around $300. As you can see, it is much more cost effective to opt for repairs. Of course, in the case that your furnace needs replacing, we can easily handle that job and get you the best system for your home.

Air Conditioning Maintenance for Greater Lansing

Air conditioning units really come in handy when the summer rolls around. Not only do they keep your home cool, they can also give you an escape from those humid days. Many homeowners run their AC units throughout the summer but skip maintenance checks until the next summer rolls around. After years of this, the unit can really start to struggle. When an AC unit is not working well, you'll see it reflect on your next energy bill. Fortunately, working with Applegate, you'll be able to improve your unit and get it ready for the hot summer.

The number one thing we recommend to homeowners is to have a maintenance check done on their unit every year. If you get your cooling appliance checked in the spring before the summer hits, you'll ensure that the unit is going to be ready to face the heat. It'll work more efficiently, lower your energy bill, and the lifespan of the unit will be expanded. This will save you from expensive replacements in the future.

Greater Lansing Home Insulation

We cannot stress how important insulation is to your home. It acts as a barrier between the elements outside and the inside. Insulation truly increases the effectiveness of the heating and cooling in your home. With the right insulation, your walls will keep the hot or cold air out of your home. In turn, it will also keep the hot or cold air in your home. Insulation will keep your AC unit or furnace from doing more work than necessary. In the end, insulation helps your HVAC unit achieve its job more effectively.

We have seen many homeowners who have chose insulation based on the bid. Unfortunately, going with the cheapest option for insulation isn't always the most cost-effective decision for your home. Spending a bit more on insulation will allow you to spend less on your energy bill. Working with Applegate Home Comfort, you'll be able to get the best solutions for your home. We aim to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Emergency Heating and Cooling Services

While emergencies aren't incredibly likely, in the case they do occur, you need a solution that can provide a quick response. If your HVAC unit goes out at a bad time, you need a company you can call to help you through the emergency. We understand the extreme weather conditions in Michigan and we don't want homeowners to be stuck without heat in the middle of winter. You need your home to maintain a comfortable heat in your home to avoid any serious issues.

We understand that many homes and homeowners rely on their HVAC units when the weather is extremely hot or cold. Our business aims to provide services that keep your HVAC unit throughout the entire season.

When you give Applegate Home Comfort a call, you can choose from a wide variety of HVAC services. We even provide electrical services that can be useful for many homeowners. Regardless of your needs or when you need them, you can count on us. We are closely tied to the greater Lansing community and we want to give homeowners in the area the best services they could ask for.

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